Katarzyna Czarnecka

M.A. Psychology english

Katarzyna Czarnecka is a graduate of psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. She is currently in the completing a graduate course in psychotherapy at the Professional School of Psychotherapy of the Institute of the Psychological Health, which is accredited by the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Psychiatric Association. In addition, she has completed a Psychological Assistance course for couples IPZ, courses in behavioural addictions and others.

She has obtained practical skills during internship. She has worked as a consultant at the Telephone Advice Centre for Adults in Emotional Crisis at the Institute of Psychological Health. She has also coordinated and supervised projects in ETOH – the Prophylactic Development Foundation, and Education and Therapy of Problems Associated with Alcoholism. For three years, she has worked with the Ambulatory Centre of Addiction Treatment at the Institute of Psychological Health, where she completed her psychological internship. She work is supervised.

She conducts individual psychotherapy for adults with mood and depressive disorders, personality disorders, ACoA and Children of Dysfunctional Families, gives psychological advices, provides psychological assistance for couples and married couples and supports in personal development.

She works with people who:

• Often experience sadness, frustration, feelings of low self-esteem and doubt their abilities

• Rarely experience joy, experience anxiety, stress and who lack hope for the future

• Experience heavy feelings of anger, guilt and discouragement

• Are experiencing a crisis in their professional or personal lives, which they are unable to handle

• Have difficulties speaking about what is happening in their lives with friends or family

• Have relational problems with others and are not satisfied with their relationships