Krystian Kędziora

M.A. Psychology english

Graduate of the Departament of Psychology at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. He completed 4­year postgraduate studies in Profesional School of Psychotherapy at Institut of Health Psychology (recommended by the Department of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychological Association and certified by Polish Psychiatric Association ). He also completed a 1,5­ year postgraduate course in Therapy of Addiction to Psychoactive substances as well as behavioral addiction at the Institute of Health Psychology. He works under the supervision of the Polish Psychaitric Association and the Polish Psychological Association. He also provides therapy in English. He completed numerous additional courses in addiction treatment and psychotherapy.

His professional activities include individual psychotheraphy in Warsaw Counselling Centre DIALOG. He gained experience while working in Jan Boży Hospital in Lublin (theraphy and counsaelling for patients and their families) as well as Psychotheraphy Centre OGRÓD in Warsaw (which is part of the Polish Psychology Association. He founded Association „Here and Now” for people with traumatic experience.

He uses integrative psychotherapy approach which means that he is combines ideas and strategies from more than one theoretical method according to the individual needs of his clients/patients.

He offers therapy for people suffering with the following disorders:

• Personality disorders

• Anxiety disorders

• Depressive disorders

• Adaptation problems

• Problems with experiencing and expressing emotions

• Interpersonal problems, difficulties in building satisfying relations with other people

• Psychosomatic disorders

• Obsessive compulsive disorder

• Adult Children of Alcoholics

• Diagnosing and treating addicted persons

• Conducting behavioral addiction therapy (addiction to behaviour)