Péter Nowak-Körmendy



Graduate of the Departament of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. He completed a two-year postgraduate course in Therapy of Addiction and Codependency at the Institute of Health Psychology. Currently, he is undergoing a certification process for an addiction treatment specialist. He completed numerous additional courses in addiction treatment and psychotherapy.

Professional experience:

He gained experience while working in the Day Ward for Addiction Treatment at the Warsaw Bródno Hospital, Addiction Treatment Clinic at Jagiellońska street in Warsaw as well as at Addiction Treatment Clinic in Warsaw Rehabilitation Centre at Zgierska street. He has conducted both individual and group therapy, as well as workshops for addicts. He has worked both with people addicted to chemical substances and those addicted to certain behaviour. He is particularly interested in therapy and diagnostics of non-chemical addictions such as: sex addiction or gambling. He has conducted numerous courses and gave lectures (at the Medical University, among others) on addiction therapy and helping addicts. He submits his work to regular supervision.

Scope of expertise:

• diagnosing and treating addicted persons

• conducting behavioral addiction therapy (addiction to behaviour)

He specializes in treating addiction to sexual behaviour, gambling and computer.

He conducts therapy:

• for people addicted to sex (consultations for men only)

• for people addicted to gambling

• for people addicted to video games

• for people addicted to using computers and/or the Internet

• for people addicted to shopping

• for people dependent on other types of behaviour which take a form of an addiction

• for family members of addicts

He also consults in English.