Anna Nita

M.A. Psychology english

Anna Nita is a graduate of the Department of Psychology at the University of Warsaw (specialization in psychotherapy) and four year studies program in Psychotherapy at the Psychoeducational Laboratory, which is recommended by the Department of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychology Association and certified by the Department of Research in Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatry Association. She has also completed a one year course in therapy for Adult Children of Alcoholics in the OD-DO Association. She currently works in the “Grabieniec” Mental Health Clinic and the ITAKA Foundation, where she co-ordinates the “STOP Depression” program.

Anna has obtained professional experience at the Neurosis Clinic at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, at the “Gawra” Psychiatric Rehabilitation Ward and at the Mazowiecki Centre of Neuropsychiatry and Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents.

She offers therapy for people suffering with the following disorders:

• Personality disorders

• Anxiety disorders

• Depressive disorders

• Adaptation problems

• Problems with experiencing and expressing emotions

• Interpersonal problems, difficulties in building satisfying relations with other people

• Psychosomatic disorders

• Adult Children of Alcoholics

She works under the supervision of the Polish Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Association and the Polish Psychology Association. She also provides therapy in English.

"A very competent specialist and an exceptionally friendly and empathetic person. In around six months, I was able to overcome neurosis, fear and depression. Thank you very much for your professional assistance in returning to a normal life with a positive attitude to what the future holds. All the best! - P.N. :-)"