Anna Zajenkowska

Ph.D. english

Anna Zajenkowska is an Adjunct Professor and manages the Department of Social Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Special Education. She has a PhD in Humanities from the Department of Psychology, UW). She has also obtained her psychological expertise at the University of Vienna. She completed an internship at a psychological health clinic and has also worked for several years at the Woman’s Rights Centre and at the Specialist Support Centre, where she conducted psychological consultation, psychotherapy for individuals and groups, including people who have experienced domestic violence.

She has also completed a four year theoretical training in analytical psychotherapy for individuals and groups at the Institute of Group Analysis “Rasztów” (which belongs to EGATIN and group section EFPP). The training possesses certification from the Department of Scientific Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association and recommendation of the Polish Psychological Association. In 2015, she gained psychotherapist's certificate issued by the Polish Psychological Association. She gained also group analyst's certificate issued by the Institute of Group Analysis RASZTÓW. She is a member of the Institute of Group Analysis RASZTÓW.

In addition, she has a master’s degree in International Commerce from the University of Korea and has completed postgraduate studies in banking at the Polish Academy of Sciences. She also has several years of international experience in business (Poland, Austria and Korea), which she uses while conducting intercultural training sessions.

She provides consultation in English.