Julia Amarowicz–Pietrasiewicz

M.A. Psychology english

Julia Amarowicz–Pietrasiewicz is a graduate of the Department of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. She also leads a workshop in psychosocial skills which has the recommendation of the First Rank of Polish Psychology Society. She has completed the four year psychotherapeutic study “Mabor” certified by the Polish Psychiatric Society, the Study of Counselling and Crisis Intervention organized by the Institute of Psychology of Health PTP, School of Trainers of Psychosocial Skills OPTA, a two year program of the Association OPTA “Staż” and other training programs associated with psychological assistance for children and their families. She has also completed a month long clinical and therapeutic internship in the Clinic of Child and Youth Psychiatry of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw.

She has also worked in the Centre for Psychological Health, where she dealt with psychological diagnosis and therapy for children and youth. She has experience as a counsellor in a primary school. She conducts therapy for both individuals and groups of children (children of families with problems with alcohol or violence, or divorce).

She works with parents – she conducts child-raising consultation and psychoeducational workshops. She has also lead preventative and integration classes in primary schools. She currently works in Specialist Centre for Children and Youth.

She offers consultation in English.