Prof. Paweł Mierzejewski

    Specialist in Psychiatry, psychopharmacologist, specialist in treating patients who are hypersensitive to medications and have problems with drug resistance. english

    Paweł Mierzejewski is a doctor and graduate of the Medical University in Warsaw and possesses a M.D. PhD. degree. Since 2010, he has been working as an associate professor at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, and as a pharmacologist and psychiatrist. He conducts studies on new medications designed for treating mental disorders and is a manager of research projects both in Poland and abroad. He also has several years’ experience as an academic teacher and doctorate advisor. He is the author of several publications in national academic journals and a creator of international patients. He is also a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association. In 2013/2014, he was a member of the management board of the Warsaw branch of the Polish Psychiatric Association. Since 2013, he has been a member of the Polish Society for Addiction Research. In 2004/2005, he was a Fogarty scholar, University of Michigan USA. He has also co-operated with the University of Michigan for several years.

    Professional Activities

    • Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders

    • Searching for new therapeutic methods

    • Implementing innovative solutions in health care

    Scope of Consultation

    • Mental disorders

    • depression

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Schizophrenia

    • Psychotic disorders

    • Anxiety disorders

    • Neurosis

    • Addictions

    • Memory disorders

    • Dementia

    • Developmental disorders


    • Writing out prescriptions for medication (including refundable medication)

    • Issuing ZUS ZLA (L4) certificates

    • Issuing medical certificates