Zuzanna Hołubowska (Mechlińska)

M.A. Psychology english

Zuzanna Hołubowska (Mechlińska) finished her master’s studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw with a specialization in clinical psychology. She has also completed training in psychotherapy at the Psychoeducational Laboratory, which is recommended by the Department of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychological Association and certified by the Department of Research in Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association.

She presently works in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. She has also gained his professional experience at the Out-patient and All Day Clinics at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, Tworkowski Hospital, and the Mazowiecki Centre of Neuropsychiatry and Rehabilitation of Children and Adolescents in Garwolin. She has also completed a two year placement at the Sexology and Relationship Disorder Clinic in Warsaw.


Short term psychotherapy – from 12 to 20 sessions that take place regularly, at the same time, and are intended to assist patients with sudden and specific life situations, such as death, the illness of a loved one, break ups and divorce. Long term psychotherapy – extended psychological assistance intended for people who would like to better know and understand their thoughts, feelings, behaviour, bodily reactions, interpersonal problems, and thereby change. This form of help is also intended for people who desire to improve their competency and skills in dealing with their surrounding environment and various life situations.

This includes people with:

• Personality disorders

• Anxiety disorders

• Depressive disorders

• Sexual disorders

• Eating disorders

• Schizophrenia

• Problems with interpersonal relations

• Problems with their emotions

• crisis situations

She works mainly in accordance with the principles of the psychodynamic psychotherapy approach, which include exploring interpersonal relations and problems related to them and frequently repeating behavioural patterns caused by early childhood experiences.

She also works in accordance with the principles of the Ethical and Professional Code of Psychologists and her work is regularly inspected by a certified supervisor.

"A young and very friendly psychologist who is able to listen with understanding about any problem. You can see in her eyes her engagement and approach to her patients. Only positive comments – A+!"