Centrum terapii Dialog

Counselling Centre for Foreigners in Warsaw, Poland

Appointments available face to face and online


The psychologists of the Counselling Centre for Foreigners of the DIALOG Therapy Centre specialize in psychological consultation and counselling. They also conduct psychotherapy for individuals, helping Patients understand the nature of the problems they are struggling with, enabling them to recognize their emotions and feelings, as well as showing multiple ways of coping with these challenges.
The employees of our centre are continuously raising their qualifications, so that the help they are providing yields the best results.
As for the psychological services provided, our specialists offer help in the following areas:
• Neurosis,
• Anxiety disorders,
• Depression,
• Emotional and decision making problems,
• Interpersonal problems (problems in establishing satisfying relationships, close relationships with people),
• Coping with stress and difficult situations,
• Life crises,
• Personal development