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Who should I consult?

How does a psychiatrist differ from a psychologist? Who should I consult?


The basic difference is that a psychiatrist is a doctor who has completed medical studies and can prescribe patients medication. Psychiatry is a branch of medicine which specializes in diagnosis, prevention and treating disorders and mental illnesses with the help of medication if needed. Psychologists concentrate on establishing the cause of a given problem, on the factors, which determine people’s behavior and its consequences for themselves and their environment. They help clients understand their emotions, actions, reactions and by means of co-operation find methods of coping with difficult situations and reduction of pain. A psychologist does not prescribe medication.


Thanks to close co-operation between psychologists and psychiatrists in our centre, we are able to consider each client’s situation in a complex manner and suggest the most effective method of therapy. We make all efforts to ensure that everyone who seeks our help will find complete professional and effective assistance.


If you have any doubts as to whom you should consult about your problems, please contact us by e-mail przychodnia@terapiadialog.pl
We will assist you in choosing the most appropriate specialist for you.